Commercial Roofing Systems

Acrylic Roof Coatings

A Sustainable Commercial Roofing Bitumen, Metal, Or  Steel  And Single Ply Roofing System Must Be Coated Using Acrylics Early On In Its Life Cycle. Acrylics Are A Water Based Product And Do Not Withstand Mositure And Ponding Water,  Wet  Insulation  That  Is Not  Visable,  And  Must  Be  Cleaned  Very  Well.  They Are The Least Expensive Roof Coating Using Asphalt Emulsion To Even Surfacing. An Excellent Option With Good Pitch, Newer Cap Sheet And No Ponds. Up To 12-15 Years Ndl Warranty.

Not Only Do Quality Roof Coating Installations, Sustain And Extend Particular Roof Life‘S, They’Ve Been Known To Improve Steel/Metal Roofs Cow, Dairy And Milk Production, Incredibly. See Link Attached To This Mentioning. Comfortable, Cool Climates Can Double The Amount Of Cow/Milk Production, Respective

Silicone Roof Coatings

In 1965 The First Solvent Based Roof Coatings  Came To Market.  They Were  In  Aluminum  Form Of  Fibrated  And Non-Fibrated.  Silicone  Was Led By Gaco Western Now Gaf.  Acrylics Being  Waterbased Tend To  Be  Temperamental To  Temperature Conditions And Sometimes Damaging To Existing  And New Roofing Materials.

Silicone Roof Coatings Are A Polyurethane Based Moisture Cure Emulsion That Are Able To Withstand Ponding Water And Restore Older And Leaking Roofing Substrates. They Are “Low Voc” Solvent Based And Very Expensive. We Spray Silicone By The 55 Gallon Drum Thousands Of Squares Per Year And Have Zero Call Backs. 15 Ndl Warranty Available.

PVC Single Ply

PVC Roofing  Systems  Are  Historically The  Most  Durable  And  Lasting  Membrane  System.  IB Roof Systems Pvc Has Proven To Withstand Uv Rays, Weather Change, And Pond Water For Over 50 Years In America. We Offer Pvc Over Tpo Roofing Types Of Roofing Systems Sacramento To  Costa Mesa Systems As Our Single Ply Mechanically Fastened - Heatwelded System Over Polyiso. 20-30 Ndl Warranty Available On Commercial Roofs. Lifetime Of Original Owner On Residential And Mobile Homes.  


Standing Seam Metal

Standing Seam Steel Or Metal Roofing Is One  Of Our Main Custom Steep Slope Speciality. Applying An Sbs Underlayment Beneath The Steel Panels Creates A High Temperature Protected Substrate That Could Last Longer Than Any Roof On The Market Today. 

”We Are Very Competitive With Efficient Installing Standing Seam And Have The Resources To Attain Coil At Lower Prices“, Says Clark. Not Only Can We Save You Money, We Can Provide The Best Workmanship In Steel On The American Market Today 2019. 

Architectural Dimensional Shingles

Architectural Dimensional Asphalt Shingles Are No Stranger To Any American Roofing Contractor. They Carry Weight In 80% Of Roofing All Roofing In Amercia. They Are Considered A Commodity Along With The Likes Of Asphalt Saturated Organic Felts.  

Call  Today For A Cool Roof Shingle Estimate. We Will Not Be The Cheapest And Often Not Competitive On Everyday Commodity Roofing Systems Like Shingles. We Do Guarantee The Highest Level Of Craftsmanship, Jobsite Professionalism And Cordial  Relations Experience To Our Clients.


APP/SBS Modified Bitumen

The Two Most Common Types Of Commercial Roofing Systems Are Sbs And App Membranes. The Use Of Sbs (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) Increases The Flexibility Of The Membrane And Allows It To Have Stronger Expansion And Contraction Capabilities. App (Attactic Polypropylene) Increases The Aging Ability Of The Roof System. Sbs Is Often The More Popular System As The Synthetic Rubber Additive Increases The Products Flexibility. Residential Roofing Systems Is 80% Asphalt Shingles’

Dana Point Metal Roofing Systems

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