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Our Roofing Company in Costa Mesa CA and Sacramento CA is the best company to choose for superior service. Contact California’s preferred Roofing Contractor today at 949.877.9474

DC Roofing Team

Our field  crews led by Victor, James, Hector, David & Tomas, combining 150 years of Roof experience. DC Roofing & Waterproofing Systems- AkA DCR  Inc,  they consider themselves  relationship driven as  their client  referal  base  has  increased  to   more  than  60%  referal  base  over the  last  five  seasons  throughout California These  may May include   Google  / Yelp 5  Star Status. Sacramento Costa Mesa

“You now have a friend in the roofing buisness”

DC  Roofing  &  Waterproofing Systems  Inc   is  an  award  winning  roofing  contractor based in  Costa  Mesa  and Rocklin  (Sacramento Metro).   renown manufacturers, roof consultants  technical  experiences, specifications  writing  , following local  municipal requirements. We  believe  our ethics  is  the #1 aspect to leading  a  successful satisfied clients. 

DC Roofing Insurances and Bonds

Insurances :

DCR INC CSLB  #1005829

DCR  INC  stands  for  DC  Roofing &  Waterproofing Systems  Inc.   We  carry  2  million incident  2  million policy  Workmans Workman’s Compensation Insurance.

2  Million Incident  5  million aggregate  Ge  eral  Liability  1  Million Commercial  Auto

$16000  Surety Bond about us Sacramento Costa Mesa