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Roofing crews led by Victor, James, Hector, David & Tomas, combining 150 years of Roof experience

AkA DCR  Inc,  they consider themselves  relationship driven as  their client  referal  base  has  increased  to   more  than  60%  referal  base  over the  last  five  seasons  throughout California These  may May include   Google  / Yelp 5  Star Status.  

“You now have a friend in the roofing buisness”

DC  Roofing  &  Waterproofing Systems  Inc  #1005829  is  an  award  winning  roofing  contractor based in  Costa  Mesa  and Rocklin  (Sacramento Metro).   renown manufacturers, roof consultants  technical  experiences, specifications  writing  , following local  municipal requirements. We  believe  our ethics  is  the #1 aspect to leading  a  successful satisfied clients. 

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DCR INC CSLB  #1005829

•  DCR  INC  stands  for  DC  Roofing &  Waterproofing Systems  Inc.

•  DCR  carries  2  million incident  2  million policy  Workmans Workman’s Compensation Insurance.

  • 1  Million Incident  5  million aggregate  Ge  eral  Liability
  • 1  Million Commercial  Auto
  •  $16000  Surety Bond